Our long national nightmare is over…

It’s been over a year since the Lagerboy has written on this blog.  Apparently, taking a 14 month vacation was the best thing to do after the stress of working on the first post. But the Lagermonkey has recovered the will to type (but he never lost the will to drink, as the following post make clear.)

So the Lager-ape sporadically meets up with his whiskey compatriots to tipple as it were.  The lads are very generous in the quality of spirits so the tasting lineup was pretty damn interesting.  The first round of malts were all Tomintoul distillery bottlings…

Tomintoul-all 40% abv

10 year

Nose:Fruit, caramel

Palate: light, toffee, short finish

12 Year oloroso sherry finish

Nose: orange peel, dried fruit

Palate: fruit, resin, short finish

16 year

nose: orange marmalade, nutty

palate: menthol, cherry coughdrop, short finish

27 year

nose: menthol, clove, cinnamon

palate: woody, austere-dry, harsh, thin

31 year

nose: candied citrus fruit, lemon zest

palate: sweet and long finish


Nose: butterscotch candies, smoky, freshly mowed lawn

Palate: smoke, vanilla, herb, tangy @ finish, wears alcohol better than others

Mortlach 10 Year-Scotch Malt Whisky Society Cask #76.50  59.80% abv

Nose: pear, baked apple spice

Palate: w/o water-chocolate (hint of cherry)

Palate: w/water-coconut, baked pear, big heat on finish.

More to come—the Lagerman is always thirsty…


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